Happy Easter Everyone!

Happy Easter Everyone!

Wishing everyone a terrific Easter break. We are open 7 days from 11am till late. Good Friday has seen a cracking day on Bruny Island. Thanks Everyone for your continued custom!

Tameka with our famous Nichols Free Range Tasmanian Chicken Parma!

Tameka with our famous Nichols Free Range Tasmanian Chicken Parma!

If you haven’t tried our Chicken Parma yet, prepare for a meal and a half. The contents of many a doggy bag our Nichols Free Range Tasmanian Chicken Parma is topped with a House Made Napoli Sauce, Smoked Ham and topped with Cheeses including Bruny Island Cheese Company Tom. It often claims the ranks of “the best Parma I’ve ever had!”

Happy Australia Day!

Wishing everyone a fantastic Australia Day! It’s turning out to be a great summer here on Bruny Island, and thanks to all our terrific visitors, for making Hotel Bruny the place to be
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An unbelievable start to Hotel Bruny


We have had an unbelievable few weeks. I am starting with a huge thankyou to the team that are plating up sensational food, Tameka, Caz, Emma, Malcom, and the sensational service of Peta Pony, Dale, Bob, Amy and Aaron, we are so lucky to have such awesome guys. The reviews have been sensational with comments such as;

” Best meal I have had in a very long time”

- ” We live in Hobart but will travel down regularly now that your food is so good”

- ” I had a meal here a year ago and said ‘never again’ but we saw the new signage, came in, and have had an awesome night. Thank you so much”

… and those were just last night.

We got in here on a Tuesday morning, lent on every talented friend to lend a hand, and completed the massive task of ripping everything out and repainting in time for dinner on Thursday. The hotel was built in the 1930’s and had seen some not so interesting additions over the years so we had to un-decorate before we could decorate. Dulux did very well out of us, as did Master Painter Josh Bean who has earnt a fair few free Parma’s. We had 1.30am finishes and 6.00am starts and it was a race to the finish with cutlery being laid and menu’s still warm from the laminator as the guests arrived. It would have made a brilliant reality tv show!

The response has been fantastic. What we were expecting to take three months to acheive we did in the first week. Our meal trade has doubled with patrons loving the house made sauces and fresh seafood. We threw out the old, got talented chef Joff Jennings of Blue Eye and Flathead fame to add some inspiration and our great simple menu is rocking the bistro.

“Finally you’ve got beer here we can drink!” One of my favourite quotes of the past few weeks. Our new look bottleshop and wine cellars has trippled with stock and everyone is appreciating finally getting city specials and a great range of local, interstate, and international wines.

I don’t even know where to start thanking all the wonderful mates and tradies that have dropped everything to help us keep cranking through some sketchy plumbing drama’s. With no hardware stores on Bruny Island we have had to beg, borrow and use fire fighting equipment to keep us going and a special thanks to Nigel our pump guy who drove for four hours to get us running again. Lucky for us we are the type of people who like to find the dollars to do things properly so pretty soon all the neglected systems we were jibbed on will be gone, and it will be all plain sailing into summer.

THANK YOU! You all know who you are. From all the new customers to our bottleshop, the bistro patrons that are coming back 3 or 4 times a week, the great suppliers who are meeting our trippled demands, the awesome team here and Emma and the girls at Bruny Island Escapes who are running alongside us perfectly, even the guys at Bruny Island Cruises who are suggesting cruise goers head around for a meal after their cruise, the special mate that loant us the poly to get a water transfer running…. the list goes on and we love you all!

Hope to see you at Hotel Bruny Soon!

Bruny Island – No sweeter place to live and work!

While we are gearing up for the hotel change over, check out these fantastic images by Daniel Bust, a great photographer who has really captured the beauty of Bruny Island. We are lucky enough to see views like these on our trips up and down the island and we never stop appreciating them.

Welcome to Hotel Bruny!

Hotel Bruny is the perfect place to take a break while exploring  Bruny Island. We are an island the size of Singapore, but have the population of 650, so you don’t need to speed up, just slow down and explore!

We Love Bruny Island! We are lucky to live here, lucky to have so much great produce here, and lucky to have killer views to die for. To us Bruny Island is home but to you Bruny Island could be the place where you simply take a step back and slow down.

Come and Visit. We would love to see you! 


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